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Most of the patients have long days of waiting, even months, for a doctor or specialist’s appointment. And many others say more than 90% use the ER services for minor issues. Ask a Doctor free online services takes this problem head-on by providing 24/7 access to medical care anytime, anywhere.

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Sample Chats with Doctor (Identity Removed)

[10:10] Visitor 97521465: hello?
[10:10] Dr. Abacan Mathews has joined the conversation
[10:28] Dr. Abacan Mathews: We are reviewing your concern with a Gynecologist and Skin doctor
[10:11] Visitor 97521465: Ok good thank you
[10:28] Dr. Abacan Mathews: Please wait for a moment
[10:28] Dr. Abacan Mathews: In the meantime, we would like to know when you started noticing this bump?
[10:13] Visitor 97521465: It has been several months
[10:13] Visitor 97521465: It has not changed at all
[10:13] Visitor 97521465: I do not know when it first appeared
[10:28] Dr. Abacan Mathews: Ok
[10:14] Visitor 97521465: Do you think that it looks suspicious?
[10:14] Visitor 97521465: Is it possible that it is normal skin?
[10:14] Visitor 97521465: Or perhaps scarring from some injury during sexual activity?
[10:28] Dr. Abacan Mathews: No,for both of us it doesn't appear to be linked with any STD
Chat with Dentist
Doctor ( 19:17:01): This is Dr Amrata srivastava.
Patient 31 ( 19:17:43): my name is nixon, if u can letme knw thx
Doctor ( 19:17:56): See the wear of enamel with professional scaling is minimal
Doctor ( 19:19:22): If you dont have any deep stains and large amount of tartar the regular scaling after about 6 months or 1 yr would be enough for your case.
Patient 31 ( 19:23:05): my question is straightforward, so polish does wear down enamel right?
Patient 31 ( 19:23:35): is the wear equivalent to about 3 years of normal brushing?
Doctor ( 19:25:26): yes, There is enamel wear due to polishing but the wear is practically minimal as we go for professional polishing only for once or twice an year . There is no such research conducted upon such comparison.
Doctor ( 19:26:42): hence I as professional dentist would refrain to make any comments upon such comparisons. The polishing instead helps in less of further staining. excessive or repeated polishing is harmful.
Doctor ( 19:27:37): because there are scratches that form after scaling and polishing is done to smoothen those scratches

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