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knee sprain post recovery

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I got diagnosed with a first degree sprain to my knee on the, if I remember correctly, anterior cruciate ligament. This was about 3-4 months ago and for the most part the recovery has gone well. I however still have problems with certain turning movements and things such as kicking a football with the inside of the foot. It also hurts quite a bit after a run. I am now training for a marathon type competition with obstacles so I am planning on doing a gradually more intensive work out. Should I be worried about this pain (Its not a sharp pain or anything)? Is it just part of the rehabilitation? Should I be pushing it or not? I would have imagined that by now I would not be having any trouble with it considering most people say it takes about a month to recover or less.

Thanks in advance,
Age-Gender-Past Medical History 24, male.
asked Jul 3, 2013 in General Health by anonymous

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