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i faint and my body turns stiff whenever i am sick

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I'm 14 years old and since i was a little girl whenever i would vomit i would faint and my hole body would go stiff the same thing happened every time i would get really stiff and tilt my head back and my mum would have to hold my neck incase i hurt myself i would also have my eyes wide open and not blink or do anything, it would never last longer that five minutes and i wouldn't remember anything afterward.

At age 13 i was told i have postural hypotension I'm not sure if this links to anything but i thought i should just mention it in case.
Age-Gender-Past Medical History 14, female, postural hypertension
asked Aug 23, 2013 in Child Health by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Hi!! I am been sick for 5days now, started with back pain then later stomach aching. Now few hours i could fill needle pins in my body. Its really bad
answered Sep 1, 2013 by Malti Devi (140 points)

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