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One of the most troublesome problems facing international travelers nowadays is how to deal with illness or the health risks that may be encountered when traveling or other medical emergencies in a foreign country. Travel Doctor-Expert Health Advices introduces its services to all international travelers.

We offer an Interactive chat and ask a doctor sessions at a very low cost for individuals or groups of any size who are traveling to distant parts of the world. We have more recent international health advice, medical services and information on internationally recognized hospitals to those intending to travel abroad. We have our current online doctors’ staff dedicated to travel medicine including specially trained specialist doctors at clinics based.

We also help and advice our travelers to look after their health before, during and after such a trip. Essentially pre-departure medical briefing related to that country plays a very crucial role in order to prevent the individual to fall sick.

What are the common concerns related to health an International traveler may face-

  1. Getting a trusted or internationally recognized medical resource in foreign country.
  2. If someone falls ill abroad, he or she may be subject to poor medical care in a language we do not understand.
  3. Misguided by local and unrecognized health clinics.

What is the need for travel doctor?

Every trip may exposes you to the risk of acquiring various diseases which depends on your health status, the destination, the duration of stay, type of accommodation and purpose of travel. But observing certain precautions and carrying appropriate medicines and vaccines can prevent you from falling sick.

Why consult a travel doctor?

There are various diseases that might affect your health while traveling. Some of these are motion sickness, jet lag, traveler’s diarrhea (most common), heatstroke, altitude-related illnesses, malaria, yellow fever and sometimes accidents.

What are the services offered?

  • Sharing updated information on the diseases you might encounter at your travel destination.
  • Vaccines and medicines you need to take in advance.
  • General tips on environmental safety, motion sickness, jet lag and problems of air travel.
  • Specific tips for pregnant women, newborns, infants, children, people with chronic diseases and elderly people.
  • Advice on travel health kit and the appropriate medicines you need to carry for emergency treatment.
  • Internationally or Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital information of foreign country or recognized health professional you can visit, in case of an emergency at your destination.
  • Post-travel consultation for any illness.

Hence Travel Doctor provides information about the diseases that you may acquire while traveling to foreign country. It equips you with all the knowledge required to protect yourself and your family from various diseases and the measures to be undertaken in case you fall ill during your journey.